LCPCM Supervision Subsidy
For LGPCs Working with Underserved Populations

LCPCM is offering financial help to cover some of the supervision costs for LGPCs who serve or wish to serve the homeless, low income, or Medicaid eligible populations. This is a limited pilot project that we hope will enable LGPCs to accept employment positions that serve these populations even though there is no LCPC supervisor on site to provide the required supervision.

The applicant, the employment site, and the LCPC supervisor must meet certain requirements for the LGPC to qualify. Each individual subsidy is limited to a total of $2,500. Completed application packages will be reviewed in the order that they are received.

Subsidy Program Purpose

  1. To increase access to clinical mental health services for the underserved.
  2. To encourage employment of LGPCs in organizations providing clinical services to underserved populations.
  3. To ease the burden of private LCPC supervision costs for LGPCs employed in organizations serving underserved populations.

Definition of underserved

  • Homeless
  • Low-income
  • Medicaid-eligible


Employer/employment site:

  1. Site provides more than 50% of its clinical services to the underserved
  2. Site does not have an LCPC supervisor who can supervise the LGPC
  3. Employer hires LGPCs even though there is no LCPC supervisor on site

LGPC Applicants:

The LGPC must provide LCPCM a completed application package that includes:

  • The LCPC Supervision Subsidy Application Form
  • Worksite Verification Form
  • LCPC Board Approved Supervisor Contract Form
  • If not already an LCPCM member, a membership application and payment must be completed on-line at
  • LCPCM has designated up to $25,000 to subsidize private off-sitesupervision by an LCPC Board approved supervisor for LGPCs employed by organizations providing clinical services to underserved populations.
  • LCPCM will pay theLCPC approved supervisor 50% of their fee up to $100 for supervising an LGPC working with the underserved with limit of $2,500 total per supervisee.
  • LCPCM has a supervision subsidy coordinator to oversee and manage the pilot project.

Click here for application

Submit applications to:

LCPCM Subsidy Program
11432 Twining Lane
Potomac, Maryland 20854

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