Becoming a Professional Counselor in Maryland: A Comprehensive Guide to Licensure

  • Friday, January 29, 2021
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Join us for a webinar with a guided tour of the e-book and its many features. 

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LCPCM is excited to announce the release of our new on-line E-book:

Becoming a Professional Counselor in Maryland:

A Comprehensive Guide to Licensure.

This publication is the end result of a two-year task force effort by a volunteer panel of LCPCs and local university professors who designed, authored, and have continuously refined the contents in successive editions. It covers an array of topics of interest to graduate students and professional counselors, including graduate education preparation, LGPC and LCPC licensure processes, finding and benefiting from clinical supervision, and becoming a Board-Approved Supervisor. The E-book format enables periodic updates in addition to hyperlinks for direct access to relevant web pages on the internet for the most current forms and information.

Please use this opportunity to visit the LCPCM website at, where you will find a new section on our homepage with a button marked “Click Here to Access the Guide.”  We hope you will take a quick look at Becoming a Professional Counselor in its Kotobee E-book format, and begin to familiarize yourself with all the information it provides.

LCPCM is making this guide freely available to the Maryland community of graduate students and professional counselors through the end of February 2021.As of March 2021,access to the entire book will be limited to active LCPCM members, while a sample preview of selected sections (Overview, Table of Contents, and Graduate Education Information) will continue to be accessible to everyone regardless of LCPCM membership status.

We hope this new resource will facilitate and enhance your career journey as a professional counselor.

Best wishes for a great holiday season and a happy new year,

LCPCM Board of Directors

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