LCPCM 2016 Legislative Bill Advocacy

Saturday, May 07, 2016 8:12 PM | Anonymous

Bill Summary

HB 245 (SB 310) Support

Child Abuse and Neglect - Failure to Report

Del. Kathleen Dumais et al.

HB 579 (SB 858) Support

Mental Health - Wraparound Services for Children and Youth

Del. Samuel Rosenberg et al.

HB 595 (SB 497) Support

Behavioral Health Community Providers - Keep the Door Open Act

Del. Antonio Hayes et al.

HB 682 (SB 551) Support

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Clinical Crisis Walk-In Services and Mobile Crisis Teams - Strategic Plan

Del. Samuel Rosenberg et al.

HB 802 Support with Amendments

Health Insurance - Provider Panel Lists

Chair, Health and Government Operations Committee et al.

HB 944 Oppose

Criminal Law - Professional Counselors and Therapists - Misconduct (Lynette's Law)

Del. David Vogt et al.

HB 984 (SB 17) Support

Open Meetings Act - Retention of Minutes and Recordings - Revision

Del. Sid Saab et al.

HB 1103 Support with Amendments

Health Care Practitioners - Use of Teletherapy

Del. Kirill Reznik et al.

HB1217 (SB899) Support with Amendments

Maryland Medical Assistance Program-specialty mental health

HB 1318 (SB929) -Support

Network Access Standards and Provider Network Directories

HB 1437 – Support

Education- Individualized Counseling Services-Requirements

HB 334 – Support with Amendments

Access to accurate provider directories

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