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Professional Counselor Supervision Network- Instructions

Welcome to the Professional Counselor Supervision Network (PCSN), a unique benefit and service for LCPCM members. The PCSN is intended to help Professional Counselors in Maryland obtain and deliver Approved Clinical Supervision by listing pertinent information within the LCPCM member directory. Please review the Acknowledgment of Terms and Limitations at the bottom of this page.

Here is how you can make use of the PCSN:

If you are a LCPC with an Approved Clinical Supervisor certificate, and you wish to post your availability to supervise LGPC’s…

  1. Use the Edit My Profile feature to fill in the directory fields that pertain to clinical supervision and check the “Active PCSN” box.
  2. Review your directory information to ensure it displays what you intend to present.
  3. Wait for LGPC’s to contact you about supervision, or search the directory to identify any LGPC’s you might wish to initiate contact with based on their location or professional interests.

If you are a LGPC who is seeking to engage the services of an Approved Clinical Supervisor...

  1. Use the Edit My Profile feature to fill in the directory fields that pertain to your professional interests and check the “LGPC seeking supervision” box.
  2. Review your directory information to ensure it displays what you intend to present to prospective supervisors.
  3. Search the PCSN directory to identify prospective supervisors based on location, scope of practice, schedule, fees, etc. Use the search and sort buttons if you wish to see only certain zip codes areas or scopes of practice. Bear in mind that a LCPC might have multiple locations or be willing to meet with you at a mutually convenient location apart from his/her office.
  4. Contact a prospective LCPC supervisor directly to discuss arrangements and assess if you both could form a good supervisory alliance.
  5. If you and the LCPC supervisor decide to proceed with a formal arrangement, in your first meeting you should review and complete the required documents and a standardized supervisory agreement.

If you have questions about becoming an Approved Clinical Supervisor, or obtaining clinical supervision as a LGPC in Maryland, you may contact the LCPCM and/or the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors & Therapists.  

Acknowledgement of PCSN Terms and Limitations for all LCPCM members:

As a LCPC or LGPC who makes use of the LCPCM directory and the Professional Counselor Supervision Network (PCSN), you willingly acknowledge that:

  1. To be an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), the LCPC must be credentialed by the Maryland Board of Professional Counselors & Therapists (BOPC&T).
  2. By making directory information available to its members, the LCPCM in no way vouches for the listed supervisors’ competence or conduct. Any concerns that may arise in this regard should be directed to the BOPC&T.
  3. The LCPCM and its Officers are not responsible for resolving or adjudicating any dispute that might arise between a LCPC and a LGPC who use the LCPCM or PCSN feature to initiate their supervisory arrangement.
  4. The LCPCM directory with its PCSN feature is intended for the sole purpose of helping LCPC supervisors and LGPC supervisees make initial contact with each other to establish a supervisory relationship.
  5. You are responsible to conduct your activities associated with Approved Clinical Supervision in accordance with the terms of your professional counseling license and applicable COMAR regulations.
  6. Each licensed professional counselor who establishes a clinical supervision arrangement accepts full responsibility for verifying the credentials of the other (including license and professional liability insurance), signing a formal supervisor/supervisee agreement, and conducting their supervisory relationship in accordance with COMAR regulations and generally accepted professional standards of conduct.

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